MAC Logistics knows that the difference between a move and a great move begins with a carefully thought out plan of action.

We spend time reviewing the details so we know how you want the move to go. We look at your old space, your new space, routes in and out, as well as take-down and set-up strategies.

Then we look for all the ways to facilitate and save you money in the process. That includes document destruction and asset storage for non-essential items to save space, as well as efficient provisions to help your transition progress into the best moving experience possible.

When everyone returns to work in your new office space Monday morning, the only thing that changes is your view.

Moving your office may be one of the largest physical undertakings your business experiences. At MAC Logistics, we’ve carefully aligned our business offerings to help our clients make their transition as smooth — and cost-effective — as possible.

We employ strong professional movers to do the heavy lifting and professional carpenters and installers to build your new environment.

We can handle it:

• Office Partitions
• Rental Crates
• Desktop Computer
• Filing Cabinets
• Desks and Tables
• Office Chairs
• Photo Copiers


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